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Our vision

A flourishing people enjoying physical, mental, psychological and spiritual well-being at all levels of Burundian society.

Our Mission

The Service Yezu Mwiza, its mission is to promote the integral health of the population through global comprehensive management of HIV/AIDS, TB/VIH co-infection, the fight against malaria, promoting reproductive health for maternity and responsible fatherhood as well as the management of chronic diseases.

Our head office

Service Yezu Mwiza, No. 15, Avenue Bubanza, ROHERO I, in the city of Bujumbura, Province of Bujumbura-Mairie in Burundi


Message from Executive Director

" A year ends, a new year begins. We exchange wishes of happiness, joy, good health, prosperity. Some are very optimistic, others are pessimistic, there are also those who remain skeptical. And as if they don't care about each other, time goes by, it seems that nothing changes, except the hours, the minutes, the seconds, that some things get worse, that problems persist and that the new year looks like the others. However, change is possible, palpable, feasible. Better times come if we open our hearts to life and weave bonds of joy where it is less usual. At Service Yezu Mwiza, we choose to remain optimistic and to transmit the hope that is born through all the people that fate has put on our path. With you who read me, may God bless the work of our hands! "

Father Védaste NKESHIMANA, SJ

Father Védaste NKESHIMANA, SJ

Since 2008, we are proud to:


People assisted and supervised through income-generating activities (IGAs))


Out of 209 children born to seropositive mothers, are free of HIV after testing at 18 months of life. That is a rate of 99.5%.


People reached by the education and comprehensive health promotion sessions


Medical visits

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