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Espérance, monitoring officer/GIZ project in Muramvya

Publié le 24/03/2022 ...
Unwanted pregnancies in the school environment have caused many school dropouts, sometimes the boy is obliged to go and look for work in order to take responsibility for the pregnancy; sometimes the pregnant girl is sacked, without forgetting the family and social rejection. Sometimes the girl is alone with the boy who denies the pregnancy, and hello depression. All these consequences hinder the future of young people who hope to finish school and enter their dream profession. I remember that in our time, it was very common to be surprised by the arrival of the first period while in classroom. Between laughter and mockery from the other students, we felt humiliated, while from primary school to the lower cycle of secondary school, we were not taught anything related to SRH. It was only in the 10th grade (present-day first Post-fundamental) that the monthly cycle was taught, and by that time almost all the girls had already seen their periods. The young people in Muramvya province who benefit from the project to promote sexual and reproductive health through Service Yezu Mwiza in partnership with GIZ/health are very lucky, because they are informed of the dangers that await them and the behaviour they should adopt.