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Eric, SYM Focal Point / Muramvya Province

Publié le 21/03/2022 ...
Service Yezu Mwiza, supported by GIZ/Health, works with 10 Health center "Friends of Youth" in two districts of MURAMVYA province, namely Muramvya and Kiganda, in the promotion of ASRH. We work with groups of young people in and out of school. Since I have been in this province, I have been touched by the testimonies of single mothers gathered in self-help associations. They agree to share their ordeal with the sole aim of helping other young people who are still in school so that they do not fall into the same traps (for some) or mistakes (for others). Despite the challenges I face, especially the state of the roads when it rains, nothing can stop me from contributing to the task, which is the eradication of unwanted school pregnancies by 2030.