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Community building

The purpose of this program is to inform, train and support the community so that it be a leading player in the prevention of disease and the promotion of good health and well-being. In its usual community building activities, the Yezu Mwiza Service implements programs covering the areas of prevention of diseases and natural disasters, promoting hygiene and a healthy environment within communities. To reach its beneficiaries, Service Yezu Mwiza uses the mobile clinic strategy which consists of going to the community with a complete package of medical and psychosocial services and delivering them in the community.

This reduces the distance that would have to be traveled by beneficiaries to reach nearest health facility. This program covers several themes including: prevention of HIV from mother to child, reproductive health among youth and adolescents, involvement of leaders religious and community groups in the promotion of reproductive health with a view to responsible fatherhood and motherhood, reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in communities in general but particularly within groups at high risk of transmission of HIV, community management of chronic diseases and metabolic diseases.

Community Awareness Image
Community Awareness Image

Community health workers are an important pillar in the implementation of this program in the community. The themes are approached in the form of: discussion groups, education pairs, exchange workshops, training seminars, musical caravans coupled with mass awareness, home visits, focus groups and exchanges between pairs.

To implement this program, Service Yezu Mwiza benefits from the support of several partners including :

  • CARE International through the Joint Program for the Promotion of Reproductive Health with young people and adolescents in 8 provinces of Burundi ;
  • FHI360 funded by PEPFAR/USAID through the RAFG Activity project aiming to achieve an HIV-free generation by 2030 ;
  • Burundi Red Cross, financed by the Global Fund for the Fight against HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria, with a view to reducing the spread of within groups VIH at higher risk of HIV transmission;
  • GIZ and Segal Family Foundation in promoting reproductive health among young people and adolescents through community networking around health centers.