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Economic development

With a view to empowering the families of People living with HIV, the families held by orphans and other vulnerable children, families headed by impoverished widows, unemployed young people, the families of patients and former leprosy patients as well as all poor families in general, Service Yezu Mwiza encourages, initiates and supports income-generating activities within the communities it serves.

These income-generating activities are: petty trade, agriculture, breeding of small and large livestock, supply of goods and services. Service Yezu Mwiza favors generative activities income through groups and solidarity groups or associations.

Distribution of small ruminants - NUREM Project
Distribution of small ruminants - NUREM Project

Service Yezu Mwiza trains beneficiaries of income-generating activities on the management of micro-projects, savings and credit as well as sustainable development. It additionally offers a starter kit and initial capital for newly trained beneficiaries.

To respond effectively to the needs of beneficiaries, Service Yezu Mwiza is supported by technical and financial partners including :

  • Action Damian for the economic recovery of 342 patients and former patients of leprosy in the endemic regions of leprosy in Burundi ;
  • Jesuit Nuremberg mission to promote the financial autonomy of 200 families run by poor women in the province of Bujumbura ;
  • Segal Family Foundation for the economic recovery of 68 groups of 783 women of childbearing age.