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Clinical management

The HIV pandemic has been a scourge that has plagued the world for three decades. However, sub-Saharan Africa is much harder hit. The poverty observed in this region complicates the control of the infection. It is in this logic that the Yezu Mwiza Service, concerned about a healthy and fulfilled people spares no effort to contribute to the elimination of this disease. We have an active queue of 994 patients, 993 of whom are already on ARV treatment. To break the chain of transmission, we follow 69 pregnant and breastfeeding women for the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child.

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The Yezu Mwiza Service Clinic is organized into sub-services:

New patient care


Once arrived at the clinic, the patient is welcomed, registered and then a physical examination and the taking of vital parameters are carried out in order to properly orient the clientt

Pre-test image counseling


Each client wishing to have an HIV test benefits from pre-test and post-test counselling. If the result is negative, advice on prevention is given. If the result is positive and the patient agrees to be cared for in our structure, we prepare the file and then accompany the patient to the infirmary for further care. In addition, we perform tests through the advanced strategy of finding patients in their living environment. The choice of the location is motivated by the identification of the groups most at risk of contracting HIV. A considerable number of HIV-positive cases have was found during the 2018 fiscal year, i.e. 54 cases out of 76 expected cases.

Image Consulting

Medical consultation

The SYM has two cabinets for consultations. After triage, some patients are referred to physicians. It could be opportunistic infections or the need for a decision on biological monitoring.

image infirmary


We have a file classification of our beneficiaries which helps us with good follow-up. The nurses check the completeness of the files but also the triage according to the emergencies. Appointments for ARV supplies are given in the infirmary.

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The laboratory

In addition to the highly sensitive Gen Xpert device for the diagnosis of tuberculosis, our laboratory is equipped with machines for biochemistry, parasitology and hematology. Some results are worth mentioning:

  • For fiscal year 2018, 768 viral loads were performed and 646 were undetectable, representing an 84% percentage of viral suppression.
  • Thanks to the Gen Xpert device, during the 2018 fiscal year alone, in 815 tuberculosis tests, 56 were positive, including 5 multi-resistant transferred to specialized centers for management of multi-resistant cases.
Picture of the Pharmacy


The bulk of the drugs are stored in the large pharmacy which has recently been rehabilitated not only for better conservation but also to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS. the small pharmacy contains few drugs to facilitate the daily supply, mainly of ARV drugs.

Tuberculosis diagnostic image

Tuberculosis care

Our clinic offers good management of Tuberculosis. Indeed we have a very sensitive Gen Xpert machine in the diagnosis of this infection. It is for this reason that other structures and associations often bring their samples for analysis.