Woman on PMTCT with mental disorder

publié le 03-02-2021

I ‘m tutor of Solange, a single mother, HIV positive with mental disorders. As soon as I knew Solange was pregnant, I immediately took her to Service Yezu Mwiza where she was given regular ARVs. She was placed under Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) programme to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to child. At the birth of the child, SYM continued to follow the infant by giving her milk and porridge to her mother, without omitting regular medical follow-up and the baby is HIV-negative after the first test.
I thank SYM for their assistance. I am winking at all these women who are afraid of getting tested, that protecting their children from HIV transmission is their duty. An HIV-positive woman can give birth to an HIV-negative child once she has successfully completed the PMTCT program.

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